Top 3 Treatments for Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is one of the least common cancers among men; however, this doesn’t mean it’s not important to be aware of the signs and symptoms. Enlarged testes or a lump in one or both testes are both signs of testicular cancer. Symptoms also include breast tenderness or pain in the testes. If you’re diagnosed

4 Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

The most common form of cancer for men in their 30s, testicular cancer and its symptoms should not be overlooked. While not as common as other types of cancer and easily treated, testicular cancer still causes hundreds of deaths each year and thousands will be diagnosed with it this year. What are the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer?

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer affects thousands of people in the United States every year and kills hundreds of them. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of this cancer as well as leading a healthy lifestyle can help you to both prevent it and treat it as soon as possible. But what are some things you didn’t know about testicular cancer?

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Top 5 Health Problems for Men in Their 30s

Your health should be a priority before you hit the big 3-0, but this is when some common and more serious health ailments come into play. You may think you’re too young to be worrying about health problems yet, but you should consider thinking further about these top 5 health problems and what you can do to prevent and treat them.

Cancer Awareness: Testis Cancer and Penile Cancer

As a society, we are seemingly more aware of some types of cancers than others. Though virtually everyone knows about the pink ribbon for breast cancer, many of us are not aware of the other, less common types of cancers. Testis and penile cancer are less common types of cancers, but we still need to

National Cancer Control & Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

April is an important month for our health as it is recognized as Testicular Cancer Awareness month. In addition, last year President Obama proclaimed April as the National Cancer Control Month. “Control” and “awareness” are two key words when it comes to the fight against cancer. Here are some of the risk factors that you

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Impact of Age on Men’s Health

If you’re a man taking care of your health, bravo. Men are far less inclined to seek health care information. If you are looking after a loved one and need to nudge him about his health, then this information is for you, too. In this three-part series, we’ll look at the impact of age on

10 Signs You Need to Visit a Urologist

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you need to see a urologist. The urologist can determine the level of severity and provide treatment options. Blood in your urine Even if you experience blood in your urine off and on, it signals something bad. The problem is not actually the blood in the urine.