Websites with Great Information on Nutrition

Many of us are gearing up for March Madness, but did you know that March is also National Nutrition Month? If you overindulged in the latter part of 2014 with Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas cookies…and then tried to make up for it with the latest fad diet in January…which lasted until about mid-February or so depending on your level of willpower…then National Nutrition Month is here just in time! Ready to get on track with some healthy habits? Here are some of the best websites to help you get started:

Nutritious Foods: You Are What You Eat

The key to nutrition is healthy eating, and one of the most comprehensive sites that teaches you about healthy eating is called Nutritiondataself. This site provides detailed information about each type of food that you put into your body. Calories, vitamins, protein, sugars…anything you want to know about the food you are eating, this site has the information. There are also articles with great tips for losing or gaining weight, or just eating in a way that provides balanced nutrition for a strong, healthy body. If you like this site, you can personalize it by adding information about the foods you eat, look for recipes with ingredients that you like, and track your progress over time. If you want to learn about the nutritional value of the foods you eat, this site is a great place to start!

Nutrition and Dietary Supplements

Have you ever considered taking dietary supplements to boost your nutrition? If so, the US Department of Health & Human Services has a section of its website that focuses entirely on dietary supplements. In addition to providing fact sheets and answering commonly asked questions, there is even a mobile app to help you manage your dietary supplement education and intake. Here is the quick link:

Nutrition for Men

Gentlemen, do you ever feel like the world of nutrition seems to be all about the ladies? If so, then here is a website just for you! Men’s Health is written for guys who want to focus on their health and includes topics such as “best food for guys” and “101 muscle meals.” You will also find articles such as “20 Healthy, Protein-Packed Smoothie Recipes” to help you get the nutrients that you need in a quick and easy meal. This site will help you take charge of your nutrition!

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