How to Improve Low Sperm Count Naturally

Having a low sperm count doesn’t just impact your choice to have children. It can also be linked to certain illnesses such as prostate or testicular cancer. This is why keeping your sperm count high — meaning having at least fifteen million sperm in a milliliter of semen — is vital for staying healthy and ensuring you will be able have children, if and when you choose to do so. 

Continue reading to learn the causes of this common issue, but how to improve low sperm count naturally. 

4 Reasons You Might Have a Low Sperm Count

While genetics play a role in low sperm count, a lower number can also be caused by external factors. Below are the top five reasons known to cause a decreased numbers in men.

1. Stress and Sleep

Stress impacts the male-specific hormones that are required for producing sperm, thereby affecting your numbers. Sleep and stress are closely linked, where one can directly affect the other. 

Be sure to get enough sleep as this ensures your hormones are balanced and your immunity is up. Getting enough sleep can also help you maintain a healthy weight, which is something stress can easily throw out of balance. Keeping both of these in check will help you improve low sperm count in the long run. 

2. Pesticides, Alcohol, and Other Toxins

Low numbers can also be caused by chronic exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 

Unfortunately, these toxins could be anything from non-organic produce, to the lawn treatment you use for your yard. Avoid unnecessary chemicals when possible and switch to organic food and products wherever you can. 

On top of this, drinking alcohol and smoking can also damage your count over time. While occasional drinks are fine, daily binge drinking can dramatically reduce your numbers. 

Other toxins to consider avoiding include BPA (found in certain plastics and can liners), perfluorinated chemicals (found in non-stick cookware), and certain medications (such as antibiotics). Talk with your doctor to see if any of these toxins could be the cause behind your low sperm count.

3. Lack of Exercise

We all know regular exercise helps all aspects of the body. But more specifically, exercise plays a large role in the health of your sperm. 

Men who sit for long periods of time tend to have a lower count than those who are more active in their daily life. To improve your numbers, try a moderate routine of exercise every day. Something as simple as taking a walk on your lunch break or doing yoga in the evenings could increase your circulation, help your mood, and increase your sperm count overall. 

4. Certain Medical Conditions

Be aware there are certain medical conditions that can affect your sperm count as well. These conditions include low testosterone, a varicocele (a swollen vein in the testicle), a sexually transmitted infection such as HIV, an undescended testicle, unhealthy prostate, or certain surgeries (such as prostate surgery). 

Fortunately, some of these conditions are easily treatable. Visit a urologist if you are concerned about having an underlying medical condition that could be causing your low sperm count.

How to Improve Low Sperm Count Naturally

Understand that trying to conceive a child isn’t the only reason to focus on increasing sperm count numbers. Below are some simple healthy habits men of any age can implement in order to improve your sperm count. 

Eat Healthy and Exercise

As mentioned, men who have a healthy diet and regularly exercise tend to have a higher sperm count. In general, your diet should consist of healthy fats, high-quality fish, and a variety of vegetables. As for exercise, get moving however you prefer, just make sure you are active on a daily basis.

Additionally, avoid taking excessive amounts of vitamins and avoid all types of supplements (herbal or protein), and energy drinks to keep your sperm count high. 

Exercise however, wherever, and whenever works best for you. The main key is to maintain a healthy weight in order to keep your sperm count high. Exercising will also increase your circulation, which will improve low numbers naturally and boost its motility. 

Use Protection

Certain sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, can hinder your sperm count. STIs sometimes alter the DNA of sperm to be misshapen, therefore making them slower and less populous. 

The best defense against sexually transmitted infections is protection, so use condoms when having intercourse. Protecting yourself against sexually transmitted infections will not only keep your count higher, but also prevent you from contracting infections that could damage the sperm. If you currently have a sexually transmitted infection, make sure you’re getting necessary treatment and use protection to protect yourself against other types of infections. 

Avoid Toxins

Consider the toxins that plague your daily environment. Pesticides, herbicides, cleaning products, alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs can all cause low sperm count in men. 

Pesticides, including common home lawn pesticides, are not good for your health and have been known to damage sperm count. Instead, stick to natural-based cleaning products and lawn treatments to improve low numbers. If you are exposed to certain chemicals due to your profession, use every precaution possible and wear gloves, masks, and bodysuits. 

More importantly, minimize your regular intake of alcohol. As little as two drinks per day can reduce your sperm count. Also keep in mind that smoking — whether it be cigarettes or marijuana — can also damage your sperm count. In general, quit smoking altogether and avoid toxins as much as possible.

Avoid Heat

Interesting fact: your testicles are located outside of your body because sperm needs to be kept cool in order to stay preserved. Practice daily precautions to help keep your scrotum’s temperature regulated so your sperm stays healthy.

Here are some great practices for keeping your scrotum cool to improve low sperm count naturally:

  • Minimize sitting time. If you’re at the office, take a break and walk around. Sitting increases heat in your groin area.
  • Avoid frequent baths or hot tubs. This excessive heat can damage your sperm and lower your count over time.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Tight clothing, especially tight underwear, increases heat to your scrotum area. If possible, wear boxers instead of boxer briefs and avoid tight pants.
  • Watch out for laptops. Placing your laptop on your lap will generate a lot of heat that can affect your count as well. Try to keep your laptop on a desk or counter. If this isn’t possible, use a device such as a laptop holder so the computer is off your lap.

Increasing your sperm count isn’t difficult, and all of these tips will also help you maintain overall wellness — such as eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding toxins — while helping improve low sperm count naturally. 

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This content was originally published in August of 2015 and was refreshed May 2020.