Male fertility is an interesting topic, and many people have different theories about factors that affect a man’s sperm count and fertility in general. To help anyone who is considering having children, then below are effective ways of boosting male fertility.

Watch Your Diet

The food that you consume plays a major role in different physiological processes. If you want to boost your fertility, then you need to eat healthy foods. A diet that contains antioxidants, fruits and vegetables will give you the stamina and energy that you need and also revitalize your reproductive health. In fact, it is believed that brighter fruits can best help you with this. Eating healthy will give you both healthier sperms and improved sexual performance.

Monitor Your Weight

Studies indicate that overweight and underweight men are at a great risk of infertility. This is because they put a lot of strain on their organs which in turn affects normal sexual activity. Furthermore, excess weight affects your fertility directly by hampering hormone development which in turn causes low sperm count. Therefore, ensure that you stay in shape by exercising, but do not overdo it in order to boost your sperm count.

Avoid Stresses

Stress has a really negative impact on your sex life. If you are always stressed by the pressures of daily activities, it is without doubt that your fertility levels will drop significantly. Stress affects testosterone production which is important for sperm production. Research has also shown that stress can lead to adoption of many other unhealthy lifestyle choices that affect the generation of healthy sperm.

Turn Off the Heat

Saunas, steam rooms and similar areas may have a relieving effect, but they are also not good for men who are concerned about the quality of their sperm. This is because the heat found here is not good for sperm production and health. Men who also sit with their laptops for long are at risk of lowering their sperm quality and quantity. Therefore, you should avoid regular exposure to these hot environments if you want to have good sperms.

Minimize Smoking and Drinking

These two activities are not only harmful to your health but also reduce your lifespan and sperm quality. Men who smoke and drink regularly are also likely to have their sex drives affected which means they will also have sex less frequently, another factor that affects male fertility.

Avoid Tight Pants and Underwear

For healthy sperm production to go on, you need to keep your testicles cool. Wearing tight jeans or even underpants brings the testicles in contact with the body which raises their temperature slowing down sperm production. Tight briefs also have the same effects, and you must do away with them if want to increase your fertility.

Visit Your Urologist

Visiting a specialist like a urologist can help you find out your sperm count and also establish any health issues that may be affecting it. Things like STIs, varicocele and tumors are likely to go unnoticed, but a specialist will help you identify them and even link them to your infertility. Therefore, find time to talk to one so that you can find ways of overcoming your medical related infertility.

Overcoming male infertility is not that hard. As long as you employ a combination of these techniques, you can be assured of boosting your fertility and even increasing sex drive.