10 Things You Need to Know About Getting a Vasectomy

Are you considering a vasectomy procedure? A relatively minor outpatient surgical procedure that results in a birth control method with an over 99% effectiveness rate, a vasectomy can be a great alternative to other more cumbersome, less effective forms of birth control. However, before you make your decision, you probably have some questions about what

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What to Expect After Vasectomy Surgery

Vasectomy: Post-Op We’ve all heard the stories of guys sitting around for the day with a bag of frozen peas strategically placed on their groin area. While that conjures an interesting image, what’s the real story? What can you expect after you’ve had a vasectomy? Vasectomy Procedure First, the good news is that vasectomy surgery

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6 FAQ’s About Vasectomies

If you and your partner consider yourselves finished having children, then the topic of a vasectomy may come up in conversation. As an extremely effective form of birth control, the vasectomy is the choice of many couples who consider their families complete. Here are the answers to some common questions that men have when they

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