How to Deal with Low Sex Drive as a Female

female low sex drive

As a woman, experiencing a low sex drive can be frustrating. It may cause you to feel insecure, as if there is something wrong with you. However, we assure you female low sex drive is common, and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, 40 percent of women across the U.S. experience low sex drive throughout their lives.

Admittedly, the direct cause of having low female sex drive can be difficult to pinpoint. There may be multiple factors ranging from lifestyle to genetics that result in decreased libido. Since there isn’t a standard protocol for treating female low sex drive, we recommend improving your overall wellness to combat this issue from every angle possible. This way, you can improve the delicate balance that is maintaining your sex drive.

Continue reading for our top six tips on how to improve female low sex drive.

1. Exercise 

Living an active lifestyle will help you feel better overall, and provide you with the energy and stamina to engage in sexual activity. More specifically, aerobic exercises have been proven to increase blood flow and circulation throughout the entire body. Simply put, increased blood flow to the genitals will greatly improve your sexual arousal.

Exercising may also improve your self-esteem and body image, which is one of the most common reasons why women feel uninterested in sex. A critical inner voice can hinder your confidence and keep you from living a sexually active life if you’re feeling less-than-confident about showing your body to others. Therefore, improving your physical health will benefit you in more ways than one when it comes to poor sexual function. 

2. Diet

An unhealthy diet can also contribute to scarce energy levels and poor self-esteem, which could explain why you’re “not in the mood”. Eating a well-rounded diet can make you feel better inside and out, and result in a higher sex drive.  

Studies have shown that overly processed foods high in fat, salt, and white sugar contribute to low sex drive by slowing down your blood flow and decreasing sexual arousal. Cutting back on these unhealthy foods and switching to a healthier diet with more fruits and vegetables will deter you from unintentionally eating high levels of fat, salt, or white sugar.

3. Reduce Stress

Research shows there’s a strong connection between stress and sex. Higher levels of stress correlate to reduced levels of sexual arousal in women. 

Chronic stress may lead to depression and anxiety, which can significantly decrease your sexual desire. Implementing small, daily steps toward reducing your stress levels will help boost your sex drive and overall mood. Try reducing stress by carving out time to do activities you enjoy, or teaching yourself to be happier by creating new daily habits. 

4. Communicate 

If you’re in a relationship, don’t be afraid to be open with your partner about the issues concerning your sex drive. Speaking freely about what you do and don’t like during this intimate time can be very beneficial for you both. 

If foreplay isn’t already part of your routine, consider implementing it into your sex life and ask your partner to explore it with you. In fact, studies show that foreplay is vital for women’s (and men’s!) sexual arousal and orgasm.

If you are both dealing with stresses in your sex lives, such as issues with fertility, try finding ways to cope together. Try a new hobby as a couple, or do something fun to lighten the mood. A strong bond between you will create a more fulfilling sex life and relieve stress. 

5. Talk to Your Doctor 

If your low sex drive warrants a doctor’s visit, you can set up an appointment with a urologist. A specialist can assist you in deciding if hormone therapy treatment, such as estrogen pills, will help you tackle your sexual dysfunction woes.

Contraceptives such as birth control could be hindering your sex drive as well. Talk to your doctor about experimenting with different birth controls to see if there is an option that won’t cause sexual dysfunction. Most importantly, be patient. It may take time to find the right birth control option that works for you and restores your sex drive.

6. Try Natural Supplements

Consider adding supplements that boost libido as well. The most popular supplements include Maca, Tribulus, Ginkgo and Ginseng. While these supplements have been shown to increase sexual arousal, it’s worth a reminder that these are only supplements, and therefore shouldn’t be your only measure for improving sexual function. Additionally, make sure to talk with your doctor first if you’re taking any other medications.

By implementing the above tips into your everyday lifestyle, you can begin your journey to a more satisfactory and fulfilling sex life. However, if you have concerns and would like to speak with a medical professional about female low sex drive, we can help. 

Female low sex drive is one of our many specialties at Urology Specialists of the Carolinas, which is why we are prepared to guide you through the steps to increasing your libido. Schedule an appointment with us today if you are experiencing issues with low sex drive. 

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