It’s probably not something you wanted to bring up at dinner with your dad on Father’s Day, but find time to encourage Dad to visit his urologist this Men’s Health Month.

Visiting the urologist, especially as we age, can tell us so many things about our bodies, and even help detect and prevent different ailments.

Read on to find out some great reasons to encourage Dad to visit the urologist.

Reasons to Visit The Urologist

Help Detect Prostate Cancer Early

Since your risk of prostate cancer increases as you age, it’s important to not only be aware of the symptoms but to get screened regularly as well. Asking Dad if he’s been to get screened lately or if he’s been having any abnormal symptoms might not be a topic he’s keen on discussing, but it’ll show that you care and remind him that’s it’s important to get screened. Detecting prostate cancer early can increase his chances of successful treatment while having minimal side effects for him.

Address Incontinence

Incontinence is not a normal consequence of aging and can be easily addressed with Dad’s urologist. It will be best to be screened for other health problems first to ensure that there’s no other issue causing his stress or urge incontinence. If everything appears to be normal, he can do simple exercises to help strengthen the muscles in his bladder area. Encourage Dad to discuss with his doctor if he’s having problems with incontinence to be sure it isn’t being caused by something more serious, and which exercises he can do that will be helpful.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia simply means an enlarged prostate. While BPH is not cancer and cannot lead to cancer, you should still encourage Dad to get any odd symptoms he is experiencing checked out with his urologist. Getting Dad checked for this can address his uncomfortable symptoms, and this way you can help get Dad screened for other diseases and issues in his older age too.

Dad’s General Health

You dad may look great and seem to feel great, but it’s good to ask when was the last time he went to a urologist. Maybe you notice Dad taking more trips to the bathroom than normal, or complaining about an ache in his lower back. These can be symptoms of prostate cancer. Ensure Dad is healthy this Men’s Health Month by asking him how he’s taking care of his health, and encourage him to see a urologist to make sure he’s screened for the proper things and to make sure all is well with his health.

Remind Dad how much he’s loved and cared about by encouraging him to see a urologist regularly. Urological health is an important factor of a man’s overall health, and can indeed indicate more serious health problems. Ask Dad to visit his urologist next time you see him – it can make all the difference!