If you and your partner consider yourselves finished having children, then the topic of a vasectomy may come up in conversation. As an extremely effective form of birth control, the vasectomy is the choice of many couples who consider their families complete. Here are the answers to some common questions that men have when they are considering the vasectomy procedure:

Will My Orgasm Feel Different After a Vasectomy?

Ejaculation and orgasm should feel the same after a vasectomy, and the procedure should not effect your sexual pleasure. The only exception to this is for the patient who develops post-vasectomy pain syndrome.

Can My Partner Tell if I Have Had a Vasectomy?

Since there should be no significant change in your ejaculate after a vesectomy because the sperm contributes just a small amount to the overall ejacluate volume, the sexual experience should not feel different for your partner. However, in some instances your partner may be able to feel the vasectomy site on your body. This is more likely to happen if you develop a granuloma after the procedure.

Will a Vasectomy Effect My Testicles?

Normally a vasectomy will not effect your testicles. However, on rare occasions, the testicles may be injured during a vasectomy as a result of injury to the testicular artery. Other vasectomy complications that can effect the testicles are blood masses called hematomas, and infections.

Can I Become Impotent After a Vasectomy?

No, a routine vasectomy does not cause impotency.

Can a Vasectomy Fail?

Other than abstinence, there is no method of birth control with a 100% success rate. That being said, there is a small chance that a vasectomy can fail. This happens when sperm leaks from the testicle end of the severed vas deferens and finds a channel to the abdominal end. This happens in less than 1% of successfully completed vasectomies. Patients should also understand that they need to use a back up form of contraception until they have demonstrated that the ejaculate is completely without sperm after the completed vasectomy.

Can I Have Children After My Vasectomy?

There are several ways that you can have children after a vasectomy. One method is to have some sperm frozen before the procedure. Another is to extract sperm from the testicles or the epididymis and utilized for in vitro fertilization. For a natural conception to take place, you would need to undergo a vasectomy reversal to reconnect the vas deferens. This is usually a costly procedure, and typically not covered by insurance. A vasectomy reversal is also not 100% effective. So, though it is possible to have children after a vasectomy, it is best to consider a vasectomy as a permanent form of birth control.

This information has addressed some common questions about vasectomies, but you may have others. Your best source for vasectomy information is your urologist, who can answer questions about your situation and address any concerns before you make your decision.