Male Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is known as the accidental leakage of urine due to stress or strain on the bladder, such as, a coughing, sneezing, change of positions, laughing, etc. This typically occurs more often in older men as a normal part of the aging process. If there is a problem with a man’s urinary tract, male stress urinary incontinence will be one of the first symptoms.


Below are two of the most common reasons why Male Stress Urinary Incontinence occurs:


  • When the prostate gland is removed
  • When the nerves or the sphincter are damaged


In order to pinpoint the direct cause of Male Stress Urinary Incontinence, a physician will need to perform several diagnostic tests, a physical exam, and review medical history. After a proper diagnosis, there are two major surgical options for treatment to consider.


Surgical Option 1: Artificial Urinary Sphincter


An Artificial Urinary Sphincter is the only device designed to closely imitate the functions of the biological urinary sphincter by providing a competent bladder outlet and preventing urinary flow caused by SUI. An artificial urinary sphincter is composed of three components: urethral cuff, pump, and balloon.


  • The Urethral Cuff is placed around the urethra to help control urine flow. No urine will be able to pass through the cuff when it is closed and filled with fluid, but when the cuff is expanded, it will empty the fluid and allow the ruin to pass through.
  • The Pump is placed in the scrotum and aids the movement of urine into or away from the urethral cuff.
  • The Balloon is placed under the abdominal muscles. When the urethral cuff is expanded, the urine will migrate and be held in the balloon.


How the Artificial Urinary Sphincter Works


Once the surgery is successfully completed, your doctor will be able to activate the device. Urinating with an artificial urinary sphincter is easy and only takes one simple step. One squeeze of the pump in the scrotum will allow the device to do its job. After three minutes, the urethral cuff will automatically close off the urethra.


Surgical Option 2: AdVance Male Sling


An AdVance Male Sling is built to cease urinary leakage by acting as a hammock and supporting the sphincter muscle. The sling is a strip of soft mesh placed under the urethra and aids to restore bladder control by positioning the sphincter back to its natural location. Once the AdVance Male Sling is successfully placed, it will fully function on its own.


How to Decide on a Surgical Option


The decision on which surgical option best fits your needs is solely up to you and your doctor. If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of Male Stress Urinary Incontinence, contact one of our locations today for more information!