What Do Vasectomies Have To Do With March Madness?

There’s an interesting Urology trend in March we thought we would share.

It seems that every year around March, our appointments are filled with male vasectomies, and we have a theory of why that is…

The choice to get a vasectomy in March often boils down to the guilt-free ability to enjoy March Madness. For many men, having a March vasectomy is a no-brainer. First and foremost, if their favorite college basketball team is participating in the tournament, they’ll be glued to the TV. Couple this with a much-needed break from the stress of work and you have the perfect storm for an early March vasectomy.

Source: AthenaResearch

Although every patient is different, the following reasons are what commonly entice men to elect to have the procedure during early March:

  1. View the tournament guilt-free

Watching the tournament is a beloved activity for many men. Unfortunately, spending excessive hours in front of a television screen is usually frowned upon by a significant other.

A vasectomy allows for guilt-free viewership as it is advised to limit all activity for 48 hours after your procedure. Furthermore, this allows the patient to kick back, relax, and indulge in their favorite food and drink, all while watching their beloved team play.

  1. Medical leave from work

Most games take place during the afternoon, so a medically-approved request of absence from work allows men to enjoy a complete viewing experience and allows proper time to recover from the procedure.

  1. Enjoy an Optimal recovery window

Since activity is limited for 48 hours, the first weekend of March Madness is an appealing window of time for the operation due to the fact that it allows men to recover during the first and second rounds of the tournament, arguably some of the most entertaining 48 hours of sports.

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