Men’s Health Month is here, and we encourage you to participate

Men’s Health Month was founded by Men’s Health Network (MHN), a non-profit organization focused on improving the health and wellness of men. MHN was started in 1992 by a group of men’s activists interested in improving health. Men’s Health Month has been an ongoing tradition since 1994, and every June since then people have advocated for men’s health. But how and why?

Increase Awareness for Men’s Health

Many diseases and afflictions that affect American men are preventable, such as heart disease and cancer. While genetics play an important role, your diet and lifestyle may play an even larger one. Increasing awareness of these diseases, particularly ones that affect men and their families, helps men take action to prevent these diseases. These preventive measures include quitting smoking, exercising, eating healthy, and managing stress well. While these things are not easy to do, increasing awareness of their positive effects on your health can help you get the support and information you need to start.

Encourage Men to Visit Doctor

Encouraging men to seek out medical advice and get screenings when appropriate is another important function of Men’s Health Month. Seeing a doctor regularly and getting screened for health issues that can affect men both young and old is an important preventive tool for keeping your health optimal. This June, encourage the men you know to get checked up regularly. There are also free and low-cost clinics out there that can perform these screenings if you don’t have health insurance or can’t afford to see a regular doctor.

Wear Blue!

Blue is the color of Men’s Health Month. By wearing blue and spreading the word via flyers and social media, you can help bring the positive effects of Men’s Health Month to your community. You can take part in a fundraiser to build awareness for Men’s Health Month. On average, men live shorter lives than women and they tend to be more prone to different diseases and illnesses. Even if you just encourage a “Wear Blue” day at the office or clinic, support Men’s Health Month and all the important men in your life this June.

Free Screenings and Information

Depending on your area and funding, you may be able to get free healthcare, and as we all know, information is just a click away. Look for qualified sites and seek expert medical advice when inquiring about a concern that you have, and remember it’s always best to get information directly from your health practitioner rather than merely searching online for a symptom or concern.

Men’s Health Month is a great time to encourage the men in your life to take charge of their health. By increasing awareness, seeing a doctor regularly, and advocating for a “Wear Blue” day at your office, school, or clinic, you can help men everywhere to take preventive measures against disease.